Friday, August 26, 2011

Why Granite?

Natural Granite has Unique Beauty

If you have ever walked into a new kitchen with granite counter tops, then you know how beautiful granite counter tops truly are. Granite comes in an endless variety of colors and combinations to compliment any decor. Because granite comes from nature, you can rest assured that no one has the same counter top that you have. Granite is always beautiful and unique for every design project.

Granite Counter tops are Scratch and Stain Resistant

Granite is the hardest material available for kitchen countertops. Because it is naturally hard and dense, granite will not crack or stain under normal wear. When you invest in granite, you are investing in a material that can last the life of your home. Granite is a heat resistant natural stone and will not discolor or burn even if hot cookware is placed directly on the counter top. Granite also has natural scratch resistance and under normal circumstances, will last a lifetime.

Granite Counter tops are Easy to Clean and Maintain

Granite counter tops are easily cleaned with mild soap and hot water. Because granite is dense and does not harbor bacteria, just wiping your counters with soap and water is sufficient for keeping them clean. You can dry your granite counter tops and then shine them up with some Windex and they will continue to look as shiny as the day they were installed.

Granite Counter tops Can be Restored if Damaged

If you have bought a fixer upper and your granite kitchen needs restoration, you can have a professional stone restoration company repair, polish, seal, and protect your granite. Because granite is so durable, a professional can bring your granite counter tops back to life. You'll just love the restored luster of your granite counter tops.

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  1. Natural Granite has Unique Beauty and Granite Counter tops are Scratch and Stain Resistant